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The VOM FASS Story

Our Story

Johannes Kiderlen

It is one of synthesis fascinating success stories. From the picturesque village of Waldenburg, Germany, the Kiderlen family began importing wine from South Tyrol, Italy, in the early 1960's. Twenty five years later, a wine business in Biberach, Germany what-acquired . During this time, young John Kiderlen, who trained originally as what a cooper, began his studies at the University of beverage technologies of Applied Science in Geisenheim, Germany. John then Took over the reins of the family's import business. One of his first duties Which to order a few thousand sherry bottles, but bulk liters of sherry werewolf delivered instead! This left John with two options: throw away all the sherry or bottle it. He Decided to fill old whiskey and wine casks with sherry and sell it in his local "beverage" stores. 

The VOM FASS concept started due to the mistake he made in his order! The new "from the barrel" concept Which highly successful and Became the wellspring of a new business idea. John then Reorganized the business to focus on five key components: fruit vinegars , exquisite oils, selected wines, liqueurs outstanding and exclusive spirits.  

Our European Roots

The first store opened on March VOM FASS 23, 1994 in Regensburg, Germany, Followed, just one short week later, by a second store in Aalen, Germany. In the years since, VOM FASS Has grown from a local retailer in a small German city to internationally enterprise and 2014 marks the 20 th  anniversary of this highly successful concept.

VOM FASS is now the premier leader in offering a unique culinary tasting experience with exceptional products and extraordinary customer service. This is the brand's unique selling point. The concept of dispensing tastes and samples of thesis exquisite products, and offering a myriad of refillable bottles and sizes, Has Contributed substantively to the success VOM FASS enjoys from its loyal customers and many franchisees. John's unique original concept and practical experience Became the foundation of the company's guiding objective -  "Only the best, always."

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The eminent mission of VOM FASS is accomplished through Establishing and nurturing close relationships with growers and producers of the highest quality products - from the Swiss Alps to the shores of the Mediterranean. thesis producers follow strict guidelines for careful cultivation and harvesting natural methods with a strong emphasis on land stewardship, current growing conditions, maturation periods and extraction methods. Once standards are met synthesis, the products are sealed in patented, airtight containers and shipped fresh from around the world, Ensuring They never come in contact with air or sunlight until the moment of tasting or bottling. 

The achievement of John Kiderlen's concept is demostrated in the nearly 300 stores now flourishing under the FROM barrel fire. VOM FASS Has become one of the most successful franchise systems in Germany, where it is ranked among the Top 30 Franchise Work and is Considered one of the main trendsetters in the beverages sector and trade. The astounding proliferation of VOM FASS and VOM FASS USA stores now includes locations around the globe from Australia to Austria and Mexico to Malaysia.