Chef Showdown | Culinary Dinner Theater

Our cooking competitions are a huge hit. Where else do you get to be the judge of a cooking competition?! The food is excellent and the atmosphere fun. We are excited to offer another chef showdown!

We have often described the delecTable experience as watching a cooking show where you get to eat the food. We’re taking that concept to the next level again, with an even more fun -- and what’s sure to be delicious -- cooking competition! If you missed our last Showdown, here's your chance. Our Executive Chef Nick Johnson will take on our Former Executive Chef Drew Niedercorn, to see who can create the most outstanding food for you! Each course will feature a different vomFASS ingredient. You will judge each course based on presentation, taste, and how well the vomFASS ingredient is highlighted.

There will be four courses. Therefore, you’ll be served eight dishes to judge. Each chef will prepare their own dishes for each course, which will be kept secret to keep the other in the dark. As always, each chef will happily accommodate any dietary restrictions. And as always, each course will be paired with wine or spirits.


One seating, 6:00 p.m. - reservations required. $25 deposit per person.

Bar Seating: $64/person*
General Seating: $69/person*
Chef's Table: $79/person*

*Price includes dinner and drink pairings. Tax and 20% service charge will be added at event.

The $25 you see on Eventbrite is the deposit only. Remaining payment to be made when checking in prior to start of event. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions.
Please let us know if you have a food allergy or a special dietary need, or would prefer a mocktail - we are happy to accommodate. You can note this when you purchase your reservation.

You are welcome to arrive up to an hour early to enjoy a cocktail from our bar and shop vomFASS.

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Friday, February 28 6:00 PM
Vom Fass University Avenue, Madison