Classic Trio

Product description

Our Trio Gift Set with three of our best-sellers are packaged in our beautiful 200 mL Quadra Onda bottles.  The set includes our most popular Aged Balsamic Vinegar, Aged Spanish Red Wine Vinegar and cold pressed unfiltered Italian Olive Oil. A product card is included for each product with suggested uses and a recipe is included on the back of each card. This perfect gift for any occasion arrives in our gift box made from sustainably sourced materials.  

  • Aceto Balsamico Maletti: This Aceto Balsamico is thick and viscous with an almost incomparable aroma. It matures in barrique barrels in which excellent red wines were formerly stored. Only a few drops of this vinegar are sufficient to lend a sophisticated touch to salads, desserts, or marinated meat. Try strawberries, ice cream or Caprese salad with Aceto Balsamico Maletti. A real treat!
  • San Gimignano Extra Virgin Olive Oil:  Grown and produced in Italy using olive varieties: mainly Moraiolo, Pendolino, Frantoio, and Leccino. An unfiltered olive oil that has become a classic in our assortment. Wonderful with all Italian dishes and salads. It has a wonderful peppery finish on the palate.
  • Aged Spanish Red Wine Vinegar: Also known as Vinagre Viejo de Montilla, this vinegar has a smooth strong flavor of red wine vinegar, refined with age for 12 years in oak barrels.  This matured vinegar with subtle complexity and superb aroma is an excellent all-purpose vinegar for salad vinaigrettes, sauces or marinades.