Nourishing Trio for Hair, Skin and Nails

Product description

Our Organic Wellness Oils

We are proud to offer this exquisite selection of natural oils that can positively contribute to your wellbeing, health and beauty. These natural oils are the perfect nourishment for dry hair, skin and nail beds. Make sure that your body gets the oils that it needs inside and out! The gift set comes with 3 of our beautiful stackable 50ml Tripple Carre bottles.

Recipes included: Honey/Avocado/Apricot Hydrating Face Mask, Argan Oil Treatment for Dry Scalp.

Organic Argan Oil
Did you know? The Moroccan Argan tree is one of the oldest trees in the world. The kernels or fruits of the argan tree are roasted, milled to a paste, carefully pressed and filtered. The production process is complex and is also rich in vitamin E. Argan oil preserves moisture and naturally hydrates the skin. You can also use it as a fabulous hair and scalp treatment and hair therapy suggestions are included.

Organic Evening Primrose Oil
Evening Primrose can be found in anti-aging creams. It regulates moisture, has a regenerating effect on skin and improves elasticity. It is rich in essential gamma-linolenic acid and is also used for psoriasis, premature skin aging and wrinkles.

Organic Apricot Kernel Oil
Apricot Kernel Oil is rich in unsaturated fats and is an effective agent against dry and mature skin. It softens, nourishes and revives the skin. It is ideal for softening fine lines and restoring a healthy glow to skin. Excellent for eye makeup removal or rub into dry nail beds to help strengthen nails. To help soften wrinkles, massage 1-2 drops into fine lines every morning and again before bedtime.