Steeped In Tradition Gift Set - Brookline, MA

Product description

A fun sampler set featuring some of our most popular traditional oils and vinegars.  Perfect for tossing into salads, as rubs and marinades for your favorite meats and coating root vegetables prior to roasting for a delicious side dish, this set includes a 100ml nocturn bottle of each flavor: 

  • Bordeaux Red Wine Vinegar: Aged red wines from the Bordeaux region of France are singled out for a special honor through being stored in oak barrels during the traditional aging process. These form the basis for a marvelous vinegar with a pure and original taste that perfectly complements meat sauces or salads with meat.

  • Federico's Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Made with passion and love at a small family farm dedicated to making high-quality oils. This wonderful extra virgin olive oil is made in a beautiful region called Rocha, in Uruguay. It is excellent for marinating meat and vegetables. It is also fantastic for salad dressings.

  • Aceto Balsamic Gold: Salads and mushrooms expectantly await their perfectioning! Overwhelming, like a storm of herbs, spice, and honey, this balsamic vinegar is balanced in sweetness and acidity, with an intense aroma. The ideal partner for extra virgin olive oil or for rounding off meat sauces.

  • San Domenico Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This extra virgin olive oil comes from organic farming in the western part of Sicily. Besides fruity nuances, the olive varieties used - Nocellara del Belice and Cerasuola - also carry typical grassy notes and hints of green bananas. The taste of this olive oil is underlined by an appropriate bitterness and sharpness. Olives are grown in mineral heavy soil upon some of the oldest greek ruins in the world. The name comes from The San Domenico Church (translated as Saint Dominic), which is located close to the oil mill in Castelvetrano, Italy. Established in 1470, this church is affectionately called the Sistine Chapel of Sicily.