Absinthe Libertine 72-0

Absinthe Libertine 72

Brought to us by a family in the Alsace Lorraine range in France whose been making absinthe since 1863.Œæ Clearly practice does make perfect.Œæ The smoothest 140 proof youäó»ll ever taste.


This fanciful French liqueur should be enjoyed in the classic manner by preparing it with water and sugar. But, we encourage you to try it with champagne or ginger ale! In addition to the essential wormwood herb, our Absinthe Libertine 72 also includes anise, star anise, fennel, coriander, and licorice root.

To prepare, or äóÖloucheäó», your Absinthe you will need a glass, dripping cold water (a Absinthe fountain filled with ice water is ideal but a sink set at a slow drip will also work), a slotted or Absinthe spoon and a sugar cube.Œæ Pour approximately one shot of Absinthe and place the slotted spoon across the top so it balances without falling in.Œæ Place the sugar cube on the spoon.Œæ Slowly drip water over the sugar cube into the glass until the cube dissolves.Œæ The amount of water you use will depend on personal preference of flavor.Œæ When done correctly, the Absinthe will turn a milky green color.Œæ Enjoy!