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New 1-minute dish: Herb salad with goat’s cheese

Enjoy an absolutely delicate dish, which you can prepare in turn. The best ingredients from the FAFA make the difference. In just one minute imitation: our delicious herbal salad with goat’s cheese! vomFASS and Michelin star cook Frank Oehler show you in today’s 1-minute dish, how you can quickly and easily prepare the Mediterranean herbal salad with goat’s cheese. We wish you a lot of enjoyment and enjoy!
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A culinary journey through Europe’s most beautiful wine regions

With its diverse landscapes and climatic zones, Europe has a lot to offer for connoisseurs and cultural lovers. Wine lovers in particular appreciate the numerous wine regions in Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Spain. Our wine guide will take you on a small trip through the most beautiful wine regions of Europe. Discover the specialties of the wines from the picturesque Franconia to the Spanish Rioja.


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