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VOM FASS has elevated gift giving to an art form. We pride ourselves on our unique line of high quality oils, vinegars, and spirits, exquisitely bottled and packaged to your company's exacting needs. Please explore our brochure and once you discover that VOM FASS is the solution to your corporate gifting needs, contact us and request our Corporate Gift Ordering Guide to complete your transaction. Let VOM FASS make gifting easy. 


Explore our Whiskey Brochure

Whether you are a novice or an expert when it comes to whiskey, you are sure to love this beautiful and informational brochure. We pulled together everything you’d ever need to know about whiskey. From best ways to enjoy this beloved spirit to key definitions to the origins and history, this brochure will have you appreciate the rich tradition behind whiskey and why we love this distillate so much. Indulge your curiosity here: Whiskey Brochure