Nut and Fruit Gourmet Mix - Cary, NC

Product description

The perfect mix to showcase some of the finest vomFASS Nut Oils and Fruit Balsamic Vinegars.

The set includes eight 40ml bottles filled with some of our best-selling nut oils and vinegars and comes with a product description insert with suggestions on how to use the delicious products.  

Recipes Included:  5 perfect “nutty and fruity” vinaigrettes, Citrus salad with Hazelnut Dijon vinaigrette, Oven Roasted Vegetables

Our nut oils are crafted by Jean-Marc Montegottero in his oil mill in Beaujeu, France.  The gentle, natural treatment of the milled product makes these oils truly one of a kind.

  • FassZination Hazelnut Oil:  Delicious and slightly nutty - this exquisite, pure hazelnut oil is a definite palate-pleaser.  Excellent drizzled over steamed vegetables. Pair with star forest raspberry balsam for a phenomenal nutty and fruity vinaigrette.
  • FassZination Almond OilVelvety with delicate flavor.  Perfect for seafood, broccoli and French green beans.  Drizzle over hot cereals.  Also use as a cosmetic skin oil thanks to its nurturing properties. 
  • FassZination Walnut OilDrizzle this cold-pressed walnut oil onto a hearty salad for a burst of nutty warmth. Or add to wild rice, pasta, a piece of roasted fish or even a baked potato for added flavor..
  • FassZination Pecan Oil: Delicious oil made from roasted pecans.  It has a sweet aroma. Use it to season salads, rice (white, wild, risotto, and pilaf), fish or white meat. Or try it on a hard cheese or in a dessert.

Our fruit balsam vinegars are made from fruit harvested at its peak of sweetness in our very own vinegar factory in Waldburg, Germany.

  • Forest Raspberry Balsamic Star:  Add for a special touch to desserts, meat dishes or as the base for non-alcoholic aperitifs.  Wonderful on salads, meat marinades or drizzled on grilled king prawns.
  • Apple Balsamic Star: Dark and fruity amber colored vinegar made from a special recipe of thickened apple juice and apple vinegar.  Its extraordinary taste gives marinades, salads & sauces pizzazz. 
  • Wild Mango Balsamic StarFull fruit taste of ripe mangos of the ‘carabao” variety.  Refine summer salads, meat or fish dishes or as a base for barbecue sauce. 
  • Plum Balsamic Star:  Specialty vinegar from concentrated plum puree.  Sweet and full bodied.  Delightful on anything from meats and starches to desserts or drizzled over fruit.