Taste of North Carolina Gift Set - Cary, NC

Product description

In addition to some locally made North Carolina favorites, we've included the recipe and ingredients for Billy G's Eastern Carolina BBQ Sauce.  The heat from the Red Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil combined with the sweetness of the Apple Balsamic and robust BBQ seasonings make for the perfect finishing sauce for chicken, pork, ribs, shrimp, scallops and even veggies. 

  • Apple Balsamic Vinegar: 100% apple. The natural and intense power of ripe, aromatic apples gives salad dressings, marinades, sauces, and poultry dishes a harmonious, fruity touch.  This set includes a 100ml Marasca bottle of our Apple Balsamic Vinegar. 

  • Red Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil:   This is a favorite oil for flavoring homemade pizza, pasta, and vegetable dishes. To retain the aroma of red pepper, we suggest you not overheat this oil.   This set includes a 100ml Marasca bottle of our Red Pepper Extra Virgin Olive Oil.

  • BBQ Rub Sweet & Spicy:   Our sweet and spicy blend can be used on all types of meat and fish. Simply rub our mix of premium spices onto your meat or fish prior to grilling.  This set includes a 100g jar of our BBQ Rub Sweet & Spicy.

  • Phillips Farms Classic Kettle Corn:  Located in the heart of central North Carolina, Phillips Farms has been serving North Carolina for over 100 years.  Their classic kettle corn is hand-blended with 4 simple ingredients:  Vegetable Oil, Salt, Sugar and Popcorn seed. This set includes a 4 oz. bag.

  • "Killer Toffee" Dark Chocolate Toffee:  The best toffee can’t be made from a recipe. It is a time-honored labor of love that is passed down from generation to generation.  The creator of Killer Toffee, Diane Lawrence, learned to make toffee from her mother, who learned to bake sweets from her mother. Diane carries on three generations of a love for baking by making her delicious soft dark chocolate toffee packed with almonds and other natural ingredients. This set includes a 6 oz. jar.

  • Spicy Pepper Relish with Chili Peppers and Sweet Bell Peppers: This is not your ordinary relish. We are a bold, spicy, distinctive southern pepper relish made from fresh chile peppers and sweet bell peppers.  This 4th generation heirloom family recipe is made in small batches and is sodium free.  Use it as you would any hot sauce, salsa, chow or relish - on eggs, hot dogs, sandwiches, beans and greens.