Taste of Smoke Gift Set – Duluth, GA

Product description

Calling all grillers. This gift has three items you can use collectively or individually to add great taste of smoke and hops to your meats, marinades and sauces. Oil and Vinegar are 100ml bottles and the grinder is 3.5oz.

  • Smokey BBQ Infused Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This extra Virgin Olive Oil is Lively and savory, with a smoky finish. Natural flavors of onion, garlic, black pepper and hickory smoke. Use for marinating meats and vegetables, BBQ sauces, grilling and frying
  • Craft Beer Balsamic Vinegar: A vinegar specialty made from malt beer vinegar, matured in oak casks. Rich and malty with a smooth finish. Delicious when paired with mature cheese, used to refine dark sauces, or with raw vegetables.
  • Smoked Salt Grinder: Our Smoked Salt, also called hickory salt, is a pure sea salt of the Dead Sea, which we refined according to a traditional recipe from the Vikings. It gets its intense taste from being gently cold-smoked over hickory wood. A successful composition that adds a rich, smoky flavor to poultry, grilled meat, and fish.

Packaged in a shrink wrap bag with ribbon tie.