White Truffle, Maletti and Don Carlos Quadra Onda Trio

Product description

Three of our most decadent products in our most popular bottles make this a gift that's ready for any special occasion.  You will receive three 200ml Quadra Onda bottles complete in a gift box made from sustainably sourced materials.  
  • White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil: Our White Truffle Extra Virgin Olive Oil is our most elegant finishing oil with a deep, earthy aroma and a full taste to match. We use a blend of white and black truffles to create a complex web of flavor, with delicate hints of garlic and mushroom. No gourmet kitchen would be complete without this oil! Its incredible aroma is best preserved when added to warm dishes shortly before serving, giving sauces, pasta, risotto, and egg dishes a marvelous taste. It creates the perfect pairing with many cheeses such as Emmentaler, sheep's milk bleus, and creamy goat cheeses, becoming so much more with just a drop.
  • Aceto Balsamico Maletti: This Aceto Balsamico is thick and viscous with an almost incomparable aroma. It matures in barrique barrels in which excellent red wines were formerly stored. Only a few drops of this vinegar are sufficient to lend a sophisticated touch to salads, desserts, or marinated meat. Try strawberries or green pepper with Aceto Balsamico Maletti. A real treat!
  • Don Carlos Extra Virgin Olive Oil: This versatile, Spanish olive oil comes from premium, organically grown Andalusian olives. Deep golden in color, this cholesterol-free oil boasts a refined combination of grass, fruit, and olive notes, with a bright and peppery finish. Don Carlos is a light- to medium-bodied olive oil that works beautifully in a variety of dishes. Use Don Carlos as the perfect complement to any goat or sheep's milk cheese, for bread dipping, and for adding a delicious, peppery note to salads.