Passion Fruit Balsamic Vinegar and Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil Heart Bottle Gift Set - Wiregrass, FL

Product description

Turn on the evening with Passion Fruit Balsamic Star pairing with Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil to create a sweet and fresh flavor for the evening.  Each comes in our special edition 200ml double hear bottles.  

  • Passion Fruit Balsamic Star: Our exotic and fruity star is exploding with flavor! You'll love this specialty on your fresh salads, poultry and fish. It is also excellent when mixed with mineral water.

  • Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil: An excellent oil for finishing poultry and fish. Simply grill chicken, duck, or salmon, then drizzle with this oil while still warm. Or, use our Orange Extra Virgin Olive Oil as the perfect complement to brighten up your fruity salads and fresh vegetable dishes. This oil makes a delicious aioli for dipping asparagus and other vegetables.